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YASCU Mirror was designed for usability with or without a keyboard and mouse, so that the same functionality could extend to a touch screen/tablet PC - with or without the use of a wireless presenter remote.  This design makes YASCU Mirror very flexible for use in various scenarios and computing environments. 

Use F8 from YASCU to reflect a single image to the Mirror.  For YASCU Pro users, Ctrl+F8 reflects all images to a new Mirror instance.
Shortcut Function/Feature
Left Arrow Navigate backwards to previous image within session
Right Arrow Navigate forward  to next image within session
C Clone or carbon copy an image within a single instance of application. Clones can also be cloned.  Closing a parent mirror will close all child clones.
Esc Exit a single instance of application.  Double clicking while in navigation mode also exits.
E Email images via mapi mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, etc)
H Toggle between hidden/display mode
I Display information about product, image position/count
L Lock pen color in doodle mode allowing navigation of image content via wireless presenter remote
M Minimize/Maximize window/Hide Mirror contents
O Toggle Stay on-top mode
Ctrl + P NEW !! Send screenshot/image to default printer  (No prompt provided)
R Reflect carbon copy of current image  (Pro version only)
S Start/Stop Slideshow  (Images are displayed for 15 seconds each)
Alt + S NEW !! Toggle Horizontal Slideshow Effect Animation (Pro version only)
T Toggle Transparency Mode
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Shortcut Function/Feature
Alt+Keypad # Move mirror to specific screen on multi-monitor systems. e.g.  Alt+ Keypad 2  (Pro version only)
Ctrl+F NEW !! Search for image files via keyword on disk
Alt+R Reflect current image to network share folder  (Pro version only)
Ctrl + S Save mirror contents as playlist  (Files are saved in a subfolder within Documents called Yascu Mirror)
Ctrl + V Paste image filename or URL into mirror
Delete Delete image from session
Ctrl+Del Delete image from disk and session (Pro version only -no confirmation given)
U Check for new version and update via internet
Ctrl+N Specify network share to reflect a carbon copy of image content  (Pro version only)
F4 Send image to Windows Paint
F8 NEW !! Load speed dial for image navigation  (5 dials for free version, 12 for Pro version)
F9 Send image to SnagIt  (Pro version only)
Up Arrow Increase doodle pen size
Down Arrow Decrease doodle pen size
Page Up Switch to last doodle pen color
 Page Down Switch to next doodle pen color
Home Navigate to first image in session
End Navigate to last image in session
Right Click Switch Mirror Mode  (3 modes include: Navigate, Doodle, Options)


Remote Button Navigate Mode Doodle Mode Options Mode
 Left Navigate backward Last Pen Color Minimize/Maximize/Hide Contents
 Right Navigate forward Next Pen Color Transparency
 Top Reflect New Instance / Clone (CE) Change Pen Size Start/Stop Slideshow
 Bottom Switch mode Switch mode Switch mode

Compare Editions     See YASCU Mirror Video Demo

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